Development News

PlacePress Funded

We are excited to begin work today on PlacePress, a new WordPress plugin for publishing location-based tours and stories. Thanks to a new National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Digital Humanities Advancement Grant, we are starting development of this new tool to empower humanities scholars, educators, museum professionals, preservationists, cultural resource managers, and anyone who seeks a way to enhance their research and public engagement with digital tours. Major development will occur this fall, and in January-April we will test the plugin in concert with partners in Michigan (Wayne State University and Wayne County Parks) and Pennsylvania (Slippery Rock University and Lawrence County Historical Society), as well as on one of our own Cleveland-based projects. In addition, remote user testing will be provided by the University of Oregon Libraries. We expect to release PlacePress in June 2021. To read more about our plans, jump over to our full post on the CPHDH blog.